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Tired of sweeping up litter?


Every single day, you spend at least 30 minutes cleaning litter scattered on your floor! We all love our cat but let’s be honest, 30 minutes of sweeping up litter every single day is an absolut nightmare.


Every morning you wonder what your cute kitten did to track litter all over your house.


You find litter everywhere: litter in your living room, litter on your couch, litter on carpet, litter under your pillow, litter in your shoes and sometimes even litter in your sheets!


Don’t you dream that one day your cat will stand up on its 2 legs and go clean the floor, the carpet and the furniture of its sandy tracks?

Make your life easier now!


Do you want your cleaning time to shrink from 30 to 3 min every single day?


The double layered Pure Litter Mat is designed to catch 99% of litter and stop litter tracking forever!


2 years of research have been devoted to design it’s unique honeycomb structure that perfectly capture your litter and make your sweeping time vanish.


The top layer is made of a firm foam material with a honeycomb structure that traps litter inside the mat. It supports every type of litter, including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat and pellets.


With its opening on the side, it has never been easier to pour litter back where it belongs.

Bye-Bye smelly mat

Does your cat sometimes miss the litter or his subject to accident?


Get rid of urine soaking into your mat and smelly floor!


The Pure Litter Mat is 100% waterproof and traps urine inside its double layered structure without absorbing it. Simply rinse it with water, and your mat will be perfectly clean in seconds.


Your floor and your mat are now urine and smell proof!

A mat for every cat

No matter if your cat is small, big, fluffy, black or white; there is a special Pure Litter Mat for everyone.


With a size ranging from 11×17 inch (30×45 cm) to 22×27 inch (55×70 cm), you will find the Pure Litter Mat that will perfectly fit your litter box.


Most of our customers are going for L size since it is large enough to place your litter box directly on the mat.


See the size guide here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Definitely, the holes of the special honeycomb design of your Pure Litter Mat are huge and deep enough to trap every type of litter, including crystal.

No, the mat is actually waterproof and prevent urine from soaking into the material. In case of an accident, the urine will stay between the base and top layer for easier cleaning.

Next, simply hose it off or rinse it in the shower to perfectly clean it. If you need to, you can still put a pee pad inside to absorb urine.

Yes, it is.

The top layer of your Pure Litter Mat is made from a foam material gentle to your kitten paws and your sensitive feets. Your cat can jump out of the box, and you can step on it without any fear.


Your Pure Litter Mat is completely BPA and Phthalate free.

Considering your families‘ health and safety, we exclusively use the new EVA non-toxic material.

We don’t advise you to wash your Pure Litter Mat in the washing machine as it may deteriorate the sewings of your mat, as well as your washing machine.

To clean your Pure Litter Mat, simply wash it off in your shower or bathtub using mild soap, rinse it very well and hang it up to air dry. If the weather is permitting, you can also wash it outside with your garden hose and let it stand up to drain for a faster dry.

No, the basal layer of your Pure Litter Mat is not rubber-backed but made of foam material and will not discolor your linoleum.

Customers report keeping their Pure Litter Mat more than 6 months on their linoleum, without any damage.

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