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Pure Litter Mat™

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Pure Litter Mat™

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Do you want to get rid of scattering litter?


You’re in luck! The Pure Litter Mat makes it so much easier to capture all stray litter.

Until now, you’ve had to clean your messy floor every single day (Sometimes twice a day for the messiest furry ball!).



Every morning you wonder what your cute kitten did to track litter all over your house. You find litter everywhere: litter in your living room, litter on your couch, litter on carpet, litter under your pillow, litter in your shoes and sometimes even litter in your sheets!


Luckily, those days are over – thanks to Pure Litter Mat.



Now, you get full control over your kitty litter box and don’t have to worry anymore about litter tracking.


99% cleaner


The basic litter looks like this:


With the Pure Litter Mat, your litter will now looks like this:


Goodbye to litter stuck on your feet!


The Pure Litter Mat collects 99% of litter, far more litter than usual litter mats.

Because you’ll be using your new Pure Litter Mat, you’ll be able to save time and effort and shrink your cleaning time from 30 min to 3 min every single day.




But why is the Pure Litter Mat™ so outstanding?



The Pure Litter Mat is not like any other mat; it has a secret – a double layer structure.



The upper layer consists of a strong honeycomb shaped material that easily capture litter inside the mat as soon as your cat steps on it.

The Pure Litter Mat traps all type of litter including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat and pellets.



The basal layer is made of 100% waterproof material which contains liquids and prevents them to soak inside the material. Urine will no longer stream around your mat and your hardwood floors and carpets will be protected from nasty urine stains.



With its opening on the side, it has never been easier to pour litter back where it belongs.


Safe and comfortable


You want to make your life easier by choosing a mat that grab all the scattered litter your cat can make, while it’s still comfortable for its tender paws and safe for your environment and family.



Our Pure Litter Mat is made of super soft EVA material which is gentle for delicate cat paws and your sensitive feet. Your cat can jump out of the box, step on it or have an afternoon snooze on it without any harm.

Considering your families’ health and safety, we exclusively use non-toxic materials. The mat is completely BPA and Phthalate Free.


A mat that traps litter while still looking and smelling clean


Litter trapped inside your mat is easy to remove, open the mat on its side and pour litter back in your cat litter box. Or simply vacuum the top layer to remove pellets stuck inside the honeycomb structure.

After emptying the mat, you can easily wash it off in your shower or bathtub using mild soap. Next, rinse it very well and hang it up to air dry.

If the weather is permitting, you can also wash it outside with your garden hose and let it stand up to drain for a faster dry.


Perfectly fit your litter box


No matter if your litter box is a comfy little box or a huge mansion; there is a special Pure Litter Mat for everyone.



Our mat range from 11×17 inch (30×45 cm) to 22×27 inch (55×70 cm), making it easy for you to find the one that will perfectly fit your litter box.

Most of our customers are going for L size since it is large enough to place your litter box directly on the mat.


 Size Chart


S11×17 inches30×45 cm
M16×20 inches40×50 cm
L18×24 inches46×60 cm
XL22×27 inches55×70 cm


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Have a question?

We’ve answered to the most frequent questions. Take a look here.



Still unsure? Take a look at what our customers have to say about our mat here.

33 reviews for Pure Litter Mat™

  1. Melissa

    That’s so cool! No more litter on the floor. Look at the difference!

  2. Darrell

    My cat is a extremely messy toilet user and always manages to create some sort of mess with the cat litter, this mat has stopped his mischievous ways and now collects anything he manages to flick everywhere. Great product for a cheap price, and super easy to clean.

  3. Brandon

    Having two cats who both create mess is no easy task, the are round their litter tray is always surrounded by crumbs which stick to your feet, very annoying and time consuming. This mat has stopped all of the problems and allows me to not have to worry about the mess anymore! Amazing product for the price.

  4. Caitlin

    My cat always seems to get litter debris on her paws and then proceeds to walk it around the house, which creates a huge mess. This litter mat has basically got rid of that issue completely, any litter crumbs on her paws or any she flicks out is collected up by the mat and stored so I can just pour it back into the litter tray, every week I give a quick clean with the shower head, let it dry and then hover over the top to get any small pieces trapped.

  5. Sophie

    Didn’t received the mat on time for Christmas. Very disappointed by the delivery!

  6. Joshua

    This mat allows me to save time and effort with cleaning up everyday for three cats, it collects up everything they flick out/drag out and its super easy for me to clean by just tipping the mess back into the tray. Such a good price for such an amazing product.

  7. Kody

    Received in good conditions.

  8. Mia

    Mat does exactly what it describes, catches all litter that happens to escape the litter tray and stops the cats from dragging it all around the house. Easy to empty and clean that even my little one offers to do it. Only issue was that it was slightly to big for the room we have the cat litter trays.

  9. Olivia

    Never seen anything like this product, allows me to not have to clean up after my cats every day as it does all the work for me. Collects every piece of wasted they flick out and would usually tread on my carpet and instead stores it in a little slip compartment that I can just pour out. Very impressed with this product and will be buying another one.

  10. Adam

    This mat is damn near perfect, bought it from a friends recommendation and haven’t gone back since, catches all the mess that normal everyday cats make and doesn’t require any effort to empty/clean. Very cheap price and arrived very fast, slight issue with packaging but nothing I couldn’t sort out.

  11. Lynette

    Amazing product that saves me time everyday, I have two cats that both use two litter trays which as you can probably guess make quite a lot of mess. I bought this product on whim as most other mats haven’t helped this issue, but I am happy to say this collects all of the extra mess they make! I can just pick it up after two days and just pour it back into the litter trays and it’s ready for it’s next use. Don’t hesitate to buy!

  12. Heidi

    We used to have a regular mat underneath our cat’s litter tray which wouldn’t really do much with the excess waste that would fall out, we would always find ourselves having to clean up everyday. This mat has been a complete life saver as it catches all of the mess that drops, it has a layer beneath were it all collects and we just pour it back into the cat litter tray every 2-3 days. Great pricing for an absolutely amazing product.

  13. Ryan

    While this mat is an amazing concept, the material is too rigid to easily flex when you pour litter back into the litter box. Sometimes, it pops out all over the floor when you empty it. The lip should overlap the top rather than being too short. Good mat but still needs some work!

  14. Esther

    Bought this product due to my cat making such an extreme mess after using the litter tray, he would always drag material out on to the carpet and have been looking for a product to help with this for long time. This mat is amazing, it collects every little piece of material he happens to flick out and filters it in to a section below, after a day or two I just pick it up and empty the mess into the bin.
    Very easy to empty and clean, cannot recommend this product more for those particular messy cats out there!

  15. Francisco

    I have been through hundreds of cat litter trays and this the only one I have found that actually works at keeping mess off the floor and surrounding area. Its so easy to empty and literally takes two-five minutes to have it completely washed, my cats don’t even seem to notice it on their feet and continue to use as normal.

  16. Bradley

    If you have cats then you have to get this product, it has worked wonders for me, saves me so much time with cleaning and my cats don’t seem to mind at all. The litter that it collects is easy to clean out and I usually give it a full clean every week or two so it remains completely fresh.

  17. Abbie

    Came very quickly. Thanks you very much, everything is according to the description.

  18. Shannon

    It didn’t work that well ,the litter got caught in the holes rather than going through and it was so large it was hard to lift and open it to pour the litter back into the box.

  19. John

    This mat works well. It catches the litter inside and helps reduce mess.

  20. Alicia

    Quality is excellent, did not expect :). My cats seems to love it, maybe I will order another one.

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